Recommended Oslo restaurants


Here you'll find a few recommended restaurants in Oslo in different categories. Most of them are located near our apartments and rooms for rent. If you have any other suggestions or comments, let us know  :)

Norwegian restaurants in Oslo

Norwegian cuisine often emphasizes simple, hearty ingredients prepared in traditional ways. Here are some recommended Norwegian restaurants in Oslo:


Teaterplassen, just a two-minute walk from our apartments for rent, is a cozy area with many good restaurants, cafes and bars.

Some recommended places to eat/drink in this area:

  • Le Meo Sushi  (large takeaway menu). Their website is only in Norwegian, but their address is  Mandallgata 10)
  • Café Evita - small, but cozy cafe where you can enjoy your breakfast coffee
  • Oslo Mekaniske Verksted (the coziest cafe/bar in the area - RECOMMENDED!!)

+ many other restaurants.


In the street Grønland, just a two minute walk from our apartments, you'll find a wide range of fast-food restaurants and many cheaper eating options. Norwegian restaurant Olympen, serves Norwegian gourmet food of the season (a nice, but more expensive option).

Some good restaurants in this area:


Cross one of the bridges over the railway tracks and discover the new Barcode area and the area around the Munch Museum and the famous Oslo Opera House. You'll find restaurants, lunch bars, stores, art galleries and the opera beach. The new library is also worth a visit.

Some recommended places to eat:

  • + many others.

Barcode Street Food

The newest foodcourt recently opened, in the new Financial area Barcode, just across the railway tracks. Also good for take-away.

Other recommendations

Salt - a cultural village by the fjords with foodtrucks, saunas, food and drinks 

See also: 

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Even in Oslo there are mighty waterfalls. Take a walk along Akerselva River to discover the many parks and waterfalls.

Vigeland Park


The Vigeland Park, located in the heart of Oslo, Norway, is a renowned outdoor sculpture park and one of the city's most popular attractions. Created by the acclaimed Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869–1943), the park is an expansive showcase of his life's work, featuring over 200 stunning bronze and granite sculptures.

In 2019, a brand new main library building was opened in Bjørvika, called Deichman Bjørvika. This library replaced the former main library in Kvadraturen and has become an architectural and cultural gem in Oslo. Deichman Bjørvika offers a wide range of books, magazines, audiobooks, films, and other media available to the public. Additionally, it...

The Fjord City is an urban renewal project for the waterfront part of the centre of Oslo. Here you'll find several facilities for recration and swimming, bars, pubs and cafes.

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, offers a plethora of hiking opportunities surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. Oslo hiking tours provide locals and visitors alike with the chance to explore the beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage, and diverse terrain that the area has to offer.

On this page you'll find information on how to park in Oslo. Parking in the city center can be challenging, so it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the parking options prior to your arrival

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