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My name is Jan and together with other hosts I rent rooms and flats in central Oslo. Over the past 10 years, we've hosted more than 2,500 happy guests! 

We know accommodation in Oslo can be expensive, and for that reason we always try to be one of the cheapest options.

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I'm also an official Airbnb Superhost Ambassodor, helping other Airbnb hosts succeed and increase their profits. If you register your listing by using the link below, you'll get my free support: 

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If you have any general questions, you can also use our contact form. 

I'm also also running a successful blog with tons of tips for Airbnb travellers and hosts. 

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The new Deichmann Library is not only a library, but also a tourist attraction with a wide range of activities for visitors and a great view of central Oslo

The Fjord City is an urban renewal project for the waterfront part of the centre of Oslo. Here you'll find several facilities for recration and swimming, bars, pubs and cafes.

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, offers a plethora of hiking opportunities surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. Oslo hiking tours provide locals and visitors alike with the chance to explore the beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage, and diverse terrain that the area has to offer.