Trondheim Short Term Rentals

We're presenting the most popular rooms, apartments, houses and other accommodation options in Trondheim and surrounding areas.

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Why Trondheim Short Term rentals?

Here you will find information about the following options for short-term rentals in Trondheim:

  • Rent of affordable houses, apartments and rooms in Bergen and the surrounding area
  • Trondheim apartment hotels
  • Trondheim Airbnb rooms and apartments - from NOK 125 per day*
  • Short-term rentals for businesses
  • Private accommodation
  • Property owner? Get started making money from short-term rentals

Apartment hotels in Trondheim

Most apartment hotels in Trondheim offer fully equipped kitchens and furniture. Almost like home. Renting an apartment can often be both a more comfortable and less expensive option, especially if you are a family or group travelling together. You can usually also stay at apartment hotels for longer periods, both as a private traveller or if you rent as a company:

Popular Apartment Hotels in Trondheim:

  • Forenom Aparmtents
  • City Apartment Hotel

Popular hotels in Trondheim 

These are the most popular hotels in Bergen: 

  • Comfort hotel Trondheim
  • Radisson Blue Trondheim

Short Term Accommodation other places in Norway: