Room for rent by Oslo Central Station / Bus Terminal


Room for rent by Oslo Central Station and Oslo Bus terminal. Easy transfer to airports, trains and busses + tourist attractions. Perfect for late arrivals or early departures. Luggage storage is possible.

About Room for rent by Oslo Central Station

  • Up to 3 people can sleep in the room
  • More than 250 happy guests have stayed here.
  • Fast WIFI, 
  • Grocery store in the building.
  • There's no full kitchen, but you have a mini fridge, cups/plates/cutlery + coffee/tea in your room.

Why book this room? 

  • You can sleep in a double bed or separate beds.
  • The room is just a short walk from Oslo Central station and bus terminal.
  • There is a supermarket in the same building.
  • Most attractions in Oslo city center can easily be reached by walk.
  • This room is in a supercentral location, close to "everything" Oslo has to offer.
  • Private mini-fridge in the room.

Coffee and tea will be provided
Coffee and tea will be provided

More about the room:

The room is ideal for 2 people, but we offer an extra bed for a 3d person if you are travellling light and don't mind staying a little cramped.

The double bed is 140 cm broad and 200 cm long.

The single bed is 80 cm broad and 200 cm long.

If you'd like to store your luggage before or after check in / check out, this can in most cases be arranged, but please ask first.

If you'd like to go to the Oslo Beach Front, it's only a 10 minute walk, and skiing is possible if you take the tram only 25 minutes.

View from your window
View from your window


  • Rema 1000 Grocery store - 5 meters
  • Teaterplassen (bars and restaurants) – 100 meters
  • Oslo Bus Terminal 240 meters
  • Barcode area – 300 meters
  • Medival park – 400 meters
  • Oslo Waterfront – 490 meters
  • Oslo Central Station – 500 meters
  • Oslo Opera House – 580 meters
  • Botanical Gardens – 650 meters
  • Opera Beach – 760 meters
  • Main street / Karl Johan – 770 meters
  • Sørenga sea-bath / beach – 1.2 km

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Oslo budget room for rent for rent by Oslo Central Station/Bus Terminal. Easy connection to airport/train/bus. Luggage storage possible. 200+ happy guests have stayed here.

Room for rent in super-central apartment close to Oslo Central Station and Bus Terminal. Perfect for late arrivals or early departures. Easy access to busses, trains and the airports.

This 2 bedroom Oslo Central Station Apartment is located just a short walk from Oslo Bus Terminal and Oslo Central Station. Most Oslo attractions can be reached by walk. Grocery store in the building.

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