How to get to Oslo city centre from the Airport


Many visitors ask us how to get to Oslo city centre from the Airport. Please note there are two airports outside Oslo, Gardermoen (main airport) and Torp. Read about the different options below, or search and buy tickets here

About Oslo Airport Gardemoen

Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) is Norway's main international airport and a key hub for travel in Scandinavia. Located approximately 50 kilometers north of Oslo, it serves as the primary gateway for both domestic and international flights. The airport opened in 1998, replacing the older Fornebu Airport, and has since grown to accommodate over 28 million passengers annually, making it one of the busiest airports in the Nordic region

How to get to Oslo city centre from the Airport

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is conveniently connected to Oslo and other parts of Norway by various modes of transportation. The Airport Express Train (Flytoget) is a popular choice, providing a fast and efficient service to Oslo Central Station in about 20 minutes. Additionally, regional and intercity trains operated by Vy offer connections to various destinations across Norway. For those preferring road transport, several bus services, including Flybussen and Nettbuss, provide regular connections to Oslo and surrounding areas. Taxis and rental cars are also readily available. See the different transport options and buy tickets here

About Sandefjord Torp Airport

Sandefjord Torp Airport (TRF), commonly referred to as Torp Airport, is an important regional airport located near the town of Sandefjord in Vestfold og Telemark county, Norway. Situated approximately 110 kilometers southwest of Oslo, it serves as a secondary airport for the Oslo region and provides a convenient travel option for residents of southern Norway.

How to get to Oslo city centre from the Airport

Torp Airport is well-connected to the surrounding region and Oslo through various transportation options. The Torp-Ekspressen bus service provides a direct link to Oslo, timed to coincide with flight arrivals and departures, making it a convenient option for travelers heading to the capital. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Additionally, a shuttle bus service connects the airport to Torp Sandefjord Station, where passengers can catch trains to Oslo and other destinations. The train journey to Oslo takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. For those preferring to drive, the airport is accessible via the E18 highway, and ample parking facilities are available on-site. Taxis and rental cars are also readily available at the airport. Search and purchase tickets here

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Vigeland Park


The Vigeland Park, located in the heart of Oslo, Norway, is a renowned outdoor sculpture park and one of the city's most popular attractions. Created by the acclaimed Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869–1943), the park is an expansive showcase of his life's work, featuring over 200 stunning bronze and granite sculptures.

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In 2019, a brand new main library building was opened in Bjørvika, called Deichman Bjørvika. This library replaced the former main library in Kvadraturen and has become an architectural and cultural gem in Oslo. Deichman Bjørvika offers a wide range of books, magazines, audiobooks, films, and other media available to the public. Additionally, it...

The Fjord City is an urban renewal project for the waterfront part of the centre of Oslo. Here you'll find several facilities for recration and swimming, bars, pubs and cafes.

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, offers a plethora of hiking opportunities surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. Oslo hiking tours provide locals and visitors alike with the chance to explore the beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage, and diverse terrain that the area has to offer.

How to get to Oslo city centre from the Airport by bus? 

Getting from Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) to Oslo city center by bus is a straightforward process with several options available. Here are the steps and details:

  • Flybussen (Line F1)

    • Frequency: Every 20 minutes
    • Travel Time: 40-50 minutes
    • Cost: Around NOK 179
    • Stops: Majorstuen, Bislett, Oslo Bus Terminal, etc.
  • Nor-Way Bussekspress (Line S22)

    • Frequency: Regular departures
    • Travel Time: 45-60 minutes
    • Cost: Around NOK 179-200
    • Stops: Major stops en route to Oslo Bus Terminal

Both options provide a comfortable and reliable way to travel from the airport to the city center, ensuring a smooth start to your time in Oslo. It's recommended to buy tickets in advance. Search and purchase tickets here

How to get to Oslo Central Station from the Airport by train?

Both Flytoget and Vy trains offer efficient and reliable services from Oslo Gardermoen Airport to Oslo city center:

  • Flytoget (Airport Express Train)

    • Frequency: Every 10 minutes.
    • Travel Time: 19-22 minutes.
    • Cost: Around NOK 210.
    • Convenience: Fastest option.
  • Vy (Norwegian State Railways)

    • Frequency: Every 20 minutes.
    • Travel Time: 23-25 minutes.
    • Cost: Around NOK 110-130.
    • Convenience: More economical option.

Both train services are easy to access from the airport terminal, and both provide a comfortable and quick journey to Oslo Central Station. It's recommended to buy tickets in advance. Search and purchase tickets here.

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