Rampestreken Åndalsnes


Rampestreken is a spectacular viewing platform located in Åndalsnes, Norway. This popular attraction offers visitors a stunning panoramic view of the Romsdal Fjord, the town of Åndalsnes, and the surrounding mountains. The platform, which extends 20 meters out from the mountainside, gives a feeling of floating above the landscape and is an impressive stop along the famous Romsdalseggen hike. Rampestreken is a must for nature lovers and adventurers who want to experience Norway's natural beauty at its best.

Key points about Rampestreken

Location: Situated in Åndalsnes, Norway.

Attraction: A popular viewing platform.

Panoramic Views: Offers stunning views of the Romsdal Fjord, Åndalsnes town, and surrounding mountains.

Platform Extension: Extends 20 meters out from the mountainside.

Experience: Gives visitors a sensation of floating above the landscape.

Hiking Route: Part of the famous Romsdalseggen hike.

Target Audience: Ideal for nature lovers and adventurers.

Accessibility: Accessible via a well-marked hiking trail.

Popularity: Known for its breathtaking and Instagram-worthy views.

Height: Positioned approximately 537 meters above sea level.