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Get a free website for your Airbnb listing. It's fast, free and easy to get started, and your website will be ready within minutes.

 Airbnb's terms states that Airbnb has the right to remove or delete any listing and / or account without warning or reason.

Many unfortunate hosts have seen all their hard work suddently disappear. If your listing gets deleted by Airbnb, there is often little or no chance to get it restored.

Furthermore, competition has become fierce. Many Airbnb listings are buried in search results below 100's and sometimes 1000's of similar competing listings, making it difficult to get bookings.

The corona situation has not made it easier.

With your own personal website, you'll be 100% in control. Your personal vacation rental website will never face the risk of being deleted or altered. And if you chose the right website builder, you'll also be able to take direct bookings and save big on fees.

Lodgify website builder

If you'd like a website more customised to Airbnb hosts, vacation rental owners and small hotels, you should try Lodify.

Lodgify website builder comes with as small monthly fee, but you'll save great on being able to take direct bookings and avoid the Airbnb service fees.

They offer a free 7 day trial, so you can always take a thorough look at the their service and cancel any time.

Start your free 7 day trial here.

Lodgify Booking Website - example
Lodgify Booking Website - example

Webnode website builder

The webnode webside builder is 100% free for smaller websites and blogs. It's fast, free and easy to get started and your website will be up and running within minutes.

Try Webnode for free here

Take direct bookings

If you'd like a website with an integrated booking system, use a template from Lodgify. By using Lodgify, you'll also be able to take direct bookings (and avoid Airbnb fees) as well as accept bookings from other popular vacation rental websites such as Booking Homestays, Tripadvisor, VRBO and many others. Your booking calendar will always be updated in real-time across different platforms, meaning you'll never experience double bookings.

Create your own blog section with tips for your guests or write about other topics that interest you. Furthermore, this gives you the opportunity to add your own affiliate links to earn extra money.

Get more bookings from Airbnb, Google and other platforms

Links from your personal website to your Airbnb listing will help your listing appear higher when someone searches for a property like yours, which will lead to more exposure and more bookings. You'll also more easily be found in search engines such as Google.

See also: Airbnb SEO tips to increase your ranking.

Finally, integrate your website with social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram to interact with your guests and build lasting relationships.

Increase your revenue and sign up with Lodgify web builder here

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